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Vasculaze is a cutting-edge solution designed to address vascular concerns, such as spider veins, port wine stains, and leg veins. Utilizing advanced laser technology, Vasculaze targets the blood vessels causing these concerns, heating them until they are destroyed and reabsorbed by the body. This non-invasive procedure is suitable for various areas, including the face, legs, and other parts of the body. Ideal for individuals looking to diminish the appearance of unsightly veins, Vasculaze offers a safe and effective treatment option.

Continuing to gain popularity in Elko, NV, Vasculaze at Elko Replenish Med Spa is the answer for those seeking clearer, vein-free skin. Most clients observe noticeable improvements after just one session, though the number of treatments required can vary based on the individual’s specific needs. Once achieved, results can last for years, ensuring that your skin remains smooth and clear. Don’t let vascular concerns hold you back any longer – contact Elko Replenish Med Spa today and book your Vasculaze appointment.

Benefits of Vasculaze:


Anyone looking to reduce the appearance of spider veins, port wine stains, or leg veins is a potential candidate for Vasculaze. However, a consultation at Elko Replenish Med Spa will determine individual suitability.

Most clients notice improvements after just one Vasculaze session. However, the number of treatments needed varies per individual.

Once achieved, the results from Vasculaze can last for years. Regular maintenance sessions might be recommended for optimal longevity.

Vasculaze is a non-invasive procedure with minimal downtime. Some clients might experience slight redness or swelling post-treatment, which typically subsides quickly.

Before undergoing the treatment, it’s advised to steer clear of prolonged sun exposure and refrain from taking specific medications that could heighten skin sensitivity. After receiving the treatment, adhere to the post-treatment guidelines given by Elko Replenish Med Spa. This might entail steering clear of direct sun exposure and incorporating suggested skincare products into your routine.

During a Vasculaze session, the targeted area will be treated with the Vasculaze laser. You might feel a slight warming sensation, but the procedure is generally well-tolerated and quick.

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